We recently had a chance to work with a new client on a nightmare of a RAID array issue where two disks failed at the same time in a span which took out the entire array. Their prior IT guy hadn’t been taking backups which is why we were called.

Normally this is bad news for a server. Obviously this would devastate RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5, but in the right circumstances it can also effect RAID10 if the two failed drives are in the same span. That’s what happened in this case.

After determining the issue was not related to bad cables or a faulty RAID card we reached out to Utah Data Recovery for assistance. They had a decent list of questions about the circumstances we discovered and afterward wanted to examine all the drives in the array, not just the two which had failed.

Given the urgency of the issue they had their staff working overtime to get the disks examined as quickly as possible. They were able to give us updates late into the night and early in the morning until we finally got the call that they were able to recover the data from the failed drives!!

Overall I was impressed with the work of everyone at Utah Data Recovery and am glad to have their service available for me and my clients.

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