Our staff, procedures, and tools have been designed to streamline the process of becoming certified and remaining standards compliant as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is based upon NIST-800-171 as a cost effective security model for practices and procedures. It ensures that entire supply chains adhere to a high standard for the protection of sensitive information and it is quickly becoming a requirement across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) including contractors and subcontractors working with the Department of Defense (DOD)


Several phases are involved in becoming compliant and gaining certification.

Phase 1: Discovery

This phase examines a business environment to identify areas which do not yet meet the standard. We perform a gap analysis and critical infrastructure mapped out and examined. This phase produces a list of actionable items to be prioritized for addressing in subsequent phases.

Phase 2: Critical Priority Implementation

This phase addresses the most critical issues identified in the discovery phase. Tasks which provide the most amount of protection to the business are performed in the shortest amount of time. Actions are performed upon the network itself, core network design, and critical network services.

Phase 3: High Priority Implementation

This phase addresses remaining tasks to prepare a business for audit. Tasks which improve procedures, staff training, and items outside the critical scope of risk for a business are performed. The conclusion of this phase prepares a business to be audited for certification.

Phase 4: Independent Auditing

This phase involves a 3rd party auditor to examine the environment to confirm compliance with the standards.

Phase 5: Maintenance

This phase focuses on tasks and procedures which need to be addressed on a regular basis to remain certified and compliant with regulations. Tasks include management of security patching, vulnerability scanning, reviewing logs, and performance of change control procedures. Contract discounts are available.

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