Your Server, Worry-Free.

Is your business expanding to the point where you could use your own private server? Or do you have servers now that need ongoing maintenance and optimization?  Either way, IntersafeIT has you covered.


Managed Servers

First of all, we offer Managed Optimized Servers. Here, your website, database, or other server is hosted in our secure, managed environment: available when you need it, but safe from hackers.  If you are looking to focus on your business, knowing that your servers lie in good hands, our Managed Optimized Server deserves your consideration.


Your customers and employees may not be enjoying the  slick, safe, or snappy experience they deserve.

  • Unlike many other IT firms, we offer dedicated resources, not a shared space. This means our servers tend to run more quickly and provide a better experience to your customers and employees.
  • We handle full service and maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about the day to day tasks of maintaining your server.
  • Security support is top priority. We offer top-tier hacker protection for your sensitive information.
  • Get SSL certification for all sites.  As a result, you can give your customers the confidence of a secure connection to your server.



Optimize Your Existing Servers

Unless you ignore the news, you know that security concerns threaten businesses and individuals every day.  Are you protected?  Furthermore, is your customers’ information protected?  In May of 2017, the largest hack ever attacked computers worldwide.  Did you know that a patch, preventing this very hack, was already available?  The millions who contracted the virus simply failed to update their systems.

IntersafeIT can help keep your systems up to date and secure

Some Measures We May Prescribe:


  • Convert to HTML, which greatly reduces potential hacks
  • Update themes and plugins with the latest patches
  • Defend your server’s software with the latest fixes
  • Update OS with critical security and performance updates


  • Install/update antivirus software
  • Install/update malware protection
  • Update OS with critical security and performance updates