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Your search for inexpensive printer ink and toner ends here. Take advantage of incredible savings when you order ink or toner cartridges for your HP, Brother, Canon, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox, or Sharp printer, and virtually any other printer or copy machine.

United Ink and Toner

Easy Scan Reordering

Ordering print supplies is a hassle. It's easy to put it off until your documents start looking streaky, or your printer stops printing altogether. We get it, and we wanted to create an easier process for ordering ink and toner.

When you call in to make your first order, we will automatically create a unique QR code and URL tailored to your order, and send you a sticker with that code, which you can put on your printer or somewhere nearby.

Next time your printer or copy machine warns you your ink is getting low, you won't have to make any calls or fill out new forms. All you'll have to do to buy your discount toner or ink cartridge is scan the QR code on your smartphone or type in the URL, and your toner or ink refill will be automatically sent to you. Simple as that.

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Quality, Cheap Ink and Toner for Every Printer

Our cartridges are compatible with virtually any brand printer. Whether you need ink for HP, toner for Brother, or any other print supplies, IntersafeIT's United Ink and Toner is the most convenient, low-cost option available.

IntersafeIT is no longer just for IT Support or computer repairs. We're here to help your office run smoothly in the big ways and the small, including keeping your printers printing clearly.

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