In today’s world, hackers provide a severe threat to your business. Identity theft, security breaches, and viruses can cause serious damage to your company and its reputation. It’s necessary to defend you and your employees from these malicious attacks. But you can’t defend yourself from a threat that you don’t understand. Hacker protection is an ongoing process of identifying risks and taking precautions. There’s a lot to it! We’ve created this easy email course to help bring clarity to an otherwise murky world. We’re here to provide you with the basics you should know in order to keep you and your devices safe.

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Module 1 – Meet the Hackers

You will meet the hackers, explore who they are, and learn their motivations. Most people don’t understand what hackers are actually looking to gain, but we’ll go over that here. Then we’ll review how they found you and what they’re after. This will provide the foundation that we will build upon in our approach to security, because you’ll finally know what you’re up against.


Module 2 – All the Updates!

Learn about one of the free and most effective ways to safeguard against preventable hacking. Active software vendors update their software on a regular schedule to squash bugs and add new features: built-in hacker protection. Your operating system, your apps, and your plugins can help a hacker if they aren’t kept up to date. You’ll also learn how forgetting to update software gives hackers a HUGE advantage.

Module 3 – Internet Security: Protect Your Digital House and Neighborhood

On the internet, your neighbors are closer and more numerous than you may realize. The internet is expansive enough to connect people on opposite sides of the globe and from all walks of life. This module will help you understand how your devices connect to the internet and how to shelter yourself from the many eyes on the web. When you’re done, you’ll understand how a router is different than a firewall and what a VPN is for – essential understanding needed to protect yourself and your business.

Module 4 – The Risks of Personal Habits

This module covers a security risk so dangerous it can bypass all the layers of protection in prior modules. Personal habits can defeat all other hacker protection. This is one of the primary ways of becoming compromised on your devices, so it’s important for you know. Accidents happen, and that’s why there are antivirus and anti-malware products available, but they don’t protect you from everything. We’ll share with you the best options we’ve found.

Module 5 – Save Often and Save Well

The digital age survives because of the sage advice to backup your devices. A hacker may take steps to give themselves continual access to your system, or they may hold your data ransom. When a hacker gets a toe hold on your system, a backup will be your lifesaver. The only way to ensure a hacker doesn’t have continued access is to restore from before the compromise. We’ll go over some of the best types of backups and what they do or don’t protect you from.

Module 6 – Let History Bite the Hacker.

Log files show us what is going on and can allow us to piece together what happened in the event of a compromise. Logs are invaluable tools for investigating the size and scope of a breach. In this module, you’ll see what kind of information we can get from logs and how they help us piece an event together. Good log management allows us to see how a hacker got in, and tells us what needs to change to prevent them from repeating their attack.

Module 7 – Personal Privacy Protection

No course on hacker protection would be complete without talking about personal privacy protection. As a business, you need to protect yourself and your customers. The more data you have on your customers, the more you need to ensure it’s properly protected. If your client data is stolen, then you may lose credibility with your clients and customers. You are the guardian of the client information you store and we will show you how to preserve your reputation.

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