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Our Services

We provide both in house and on-site services. On site services require travel, and cost $85/hour.  In shop services are $75/hour. However, we perform most repairs at a flat rate.

Average Flat Rates

Laptop Screen Replacement: $165 - 1 hour of labor + Average replacement screen

Laptop Power Jack Replacement: $120 - 1.5 hours of labor + Replacement jack

Virus Removal: $150 - 2 hours of labor - Depending on the severity and the types of viruses, we may recommend an operating system installation (see below).

Operating System Installation: $115 - 1.5 hours of labor-Full wipe of your hard drive and a clean install of your operating system. Includes drivers and basic software installation.

Full System Tune-up: $75 - 1 hour of labor-Includes minor virus removal, useless program removal, analysis of Operating System Degradation, antivirus check, malware, and annoying software removal.

Services Offered

  • Computer Repair & Diagnostics
  • Laptop Repair
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • New Custom Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Networking Support
  • Business Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Internet Filter Set up & Education
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Tune Ups
  • Tech Support of All Kinds


Monday – Friday: 4 PM to 6 PM or by appointment
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

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1034 RSI Drive, Suite 100, Logan, UT 84321

Corner of 1000 W and 1400 N in Logan, UT. We share a building with Comcast. Please call before coming in as we don’t always have a technician in the office due to on site service calls.

About Us

IntersafeIT is a technical support company based in Logan, Utah.  We offer on site services in your home or business to make sure that your technology is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our technicians can come to you in your office or home, where you are comfortable.  Then we will address your needs where the problems are happening.

We prefer on site services over doing work in our shop for a several reasons, but our favorite part about on site service is the experience for the client.  We get to sit down with you and teach you about your computer and explain what the problem is, why the problem exists, and how to prevent it from happening again as we resolve the issue.  By doing this, we often discover other issues like network security or printers that have never quite worked right that we can help with as well.  When we leave your home or your office we want you to know that all of your computers and other devices are working as they should, making your life easier.

However, for most situations, you will save money by dropping it off in our shop.  Most drop off services are charged at a flat rate rather than by the hour because we don’t care if a scan takes two hours in our shop to run while we work on other things and we don’t charge extra for it.  In your home or office we have to charge our hourly rate the entire time we are there regardless of how much work we are actually able to do.  However, even if you use our drop off services, please ask us any questions you can think of.