Your business deserves an IT plan that adapts to fit your needs, not the other way around.

We Work With What You Have.

Some IT firms mandate a standard collection of hardware, software and cloud technology.  As you can imagine, this can be a time-consuming and tumultuous transition for your business, not to mention expensive. But that's not how we run things. At IntersafeIT, we know you've already made commitments to certain types of hardware and software, be it Apple, Windows, or Linux. Does your business use Google Suite? Microsoft Office? OpenOffice? Or maybe you work with something else entirely? No problem. We work with many operating systems, software solutions, hardware setups, telephone systems, etc.  You won't need to rebuild your entire infrastructure to get IT help from us, because we'll set up an IT plan that's custom-made to fit your needs.

When we say we offer IT support for businesses, we mean we have your company with all its special requirements and idiosyncrasies in mind. And that includes your existing systems.

We Know Our Tech.

Due to years of experience with many businesses in various industries, IntersafeIT is a valuable ongoing resource for your company.  Every day, we study all things computers, including the newest technologies in security, productivity and efficiency. Eventually, if you do need to make a change in your systems, or you have a challenge and need an informed recommendation, then IntersafeIT is your quickest, easiest route for advice and council.