Control your costs. We offer discounts on monthly, quarterly, or yearly contracts.

Hourly On-Demand services

Service requests may be made at any time on an as-needed basis.

Unless otherwise noted on a service level agreement our first response to critical outage requests via phone or txt is within one hour. 

Attempts are made to resolve issues on the phone, chat, or remote desktop control before going on-site.

Account managers may utilize multiple staff members to perform services. 

Any material or labor standards above and beyond industry standards must be known about before work is performed. 

Any special compliance needs for HIPPA, PCIDSS, GDPR, MSHA, CMMC, or similar must be known about before work is performed. 

  • Travel time must be considered for remote locations. We currently have an operating radius of 4hrs travel around Logan.
  • Normal business hour services are charged at standard rate.
  • Evenings, weekends, and holiday services are charged at 1.5x standard rate.
  • Graveyard and holiday services are charged at 2x standard rate.
  • Cancellations on scheduled work must be made 24hrs in advance.

Monthly and Maintenance Service Rates

Depending on individual project specifics and duration, NET15 and NET30 terms are available.

A 15% discount may apply for longer term services.

Services qualifying for an aggregate discount may be spread between any number of clients for affiliate accounts.

Projects of significant duration or complexity will require action plans to be drafted and approved before work begins so that efforts remain focused on clients needs with measurable milestones of performance.

Urgency, time constraints, and budget are evaluated with clients to create a schedule for long duration project work.

Unless otherwise defined in a contract, the costs for any hardware obtained through us or our distributor relations must be paid in full before hardware can be installed on site.