Skillfull and personable

Need punctual, professional, and personal IT assistance?

Some IT firms are enormous monsters who communicate with their customers via impersonal call centers. It's easy to feel lost in the cold when it takes ages to find somebody who even knows how to approach your tech issue. Too big.

Other firms have the opposite problem. These "companies" are basically one person who declared him or herself an IT expert. If that person is busy or doesn't know how to solve your computer problems, you're out of luck. Too small.

IntersafeIT is a mid-sized firm affording our customers a complete service experience, without the call center drudgery all too common with large corporations. Just right.

Fast, Fast, Fast

  • Our customers enjoy a service level agreement (SLA). We respond to your issues within 2 hours or less. (Depending on complexity, resolution times vary.)
  • Most acute issues can be addressed immediately.
  • Exceptionally capable remote support.  We can solve your problems quickly from afar. No wait time.
  • As a mid-sized firm, IntersafeIT has a greater depth of knowledge at the front line.  You'll enjoy the experience of calling our friendly, professional staff and getting the answers you need without the dreaded, "Please hold while I transfer you to level 2 support."

If you don't mind putting off your IT emergency until Andy the IT hack gets back from a LARP tournament, we applaud your patience, and if you happen to love sitting on the phone listening to elevator music while a dozen representatives toss your call around like a hot potato, Intersafe IT isn't for you. If, on the other hand, you value your time, check out our managed IT services for small businesses